What’s Happening: #FERGUSON, an Online Gallery Dedicated to Mike Brown

Editor’s Note:

I must admit this one thing: I sat idle for a long time after Mike Brown’s murder. I’m unsure if I was in a state of shock for three days, or if I had become immune to how often black boys’ bodies are rendered invaluable across the nation. Slowly, the fumes and smoke grew both in Ferguson, and in my heart, and I knew that there had to be a way to curate a memorial dedicated to the 18-year-old, Mike Brown, who lost his life while walking through Ferguson, Mo., where he lived, was loved and grew, and later died on Aug. 9. Below, you will find some of the most courageous artists who have shared their works with us. From photographers who put themselves in the midst of danger during the many nights filled with tear gas, looting and outright police brutality, to poets and music artists who were not afraid to speak up about this great injustice. As Souls of Liberty’s “Stay Alive” plays along on the page, I encourage you to take your time while musing through this online gallery, dedicated not only to those who dared to create in the midst of this unfavorable situation, but most importantly dedicated to Michael Brown. May his legacy live on. #RIPMikeBrown

-Rikki Byrd


Click on the links below each artists piece(s) of work to follow their coverage and thoughts as we continue to seek justice for Michael. 


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“I think it’s unfair and I think the protests are reactions for all the other black men attacked by police as well it’s about time we stood up for what’s wrong to get what’s right.”

Erica Jones, @Lovejonescreative


“RIP Mike Brown, and the way this is going, RIP St. Louis.”

Megan Tully, @r0yalebluer0yaleblue.tumblr.com

RClark1 RClark2 RClark3

“Police disregarded the value of my peoples’ lives, as they’ve been doing for too long now, and my people became outraged. They threw drinks at the cars, kicked them, shouted for justice for Mike, popped fireworks, and destroyed the QuikTrip. I left after taking pictures in the store because I couldn’t take the pain, anger, and frustration in the air.”

Raygan Clark, @loadsofraygo, shitloadsofraygo.tumblr.com

Jessica Page, @jessicaj.page, jessicajpage.com

“It saddens me to see how this event has been covered and handled by the media, government and local law enforcement.  I pray that peace, love and joy can one day come from this.  But first, there must be change.”

Justin McCain, @_JustinTMcCain


“Justice will be served baby boy, don’t worry.”

Adrian Walker, @aoctaviusw, aoctaviusw.tumblr.com